Funds after swap not matching up

So i swapped some NPXS for ETH.

the price of npxs when swapped was .71 current price is .65 swapped a total of 6,690 coins.

I received on 27.05 can someone help me figure out why?

@zachzwei Responded with this but closed the thread before i could respond:

“The swap was successful.
Based on the transaction:
Swap 9,960.555848285795035201NPXS For 0.006851319493739254 Ether

It was just a small amount of ETH that is why you might have not noticed it come in to the wallet.”

how can 9,960 npxs trade for only 0.006 eth? npxs price at swap .71 and eth price at swap 3,957…


I am glad you posted this. I have had similar issues moving from Etherscan to Trust Wallet. Just in the past two weeks, I have bought several positions on Metamask, then once I transfer them to Trust Wallet, they have greatly overstated values. The values in Trust still match up with Coinbase and Coin Market Cap. But if you try to send them back to Metamask since they are untradeable on Trust, you lose up to 40% of the value.

Really wish there was a way to request for them to be approved for swaps in Trust Wallet like Metamask, because then I get to keep the current market value during any transfers between exchanges. The two I am having a major issue with today are ERC 20 MCH - Meme Cash and ERC 20 YFPI -Yearn Finance Passive Income.

If the community can help get me out of this rabbit hole I am in, I would greatly appreciate it.