Funds sent to wrong TrustWallet Adress

Hi dears,

I had a look on other topics and it seems for this mistake you can help.I’ve sent funds from MetaMaskt to one of my TrustWallet adresse but it was not the one linked to the good coin (BNB)
The adresse I have sent from is : 0x565E8905fA26BcE0EF2CBA2dD7e830A3fCd88201
And the TW adress I have sent to is : 0xfce4262a74a90d0ad354a86c1b65f118d0004c3c
The correct TrustWallet adresse I had to sent to is : bnb1lvxs9euajk69hzhvjh92h7sycq5plua5ja7kw6

The transaction infos are here : Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

I assume the funds are linked to that address but I do not have access to it, can you transfert it to the correct BNB adresse I have in my wallet ?

Thanks for help

Hello @Flint
You sent BNB to your Trust wallet on the BEP20 network.
If you want it on the BEP2 network, you can make a crosschain swap within the app.
Follow these steps below:

  • Click on Smartchain (where you have your BNB)
  • Tap on More
  • Then tap Swap to Binance Chain

Now you should get the option to make a crosschain swap from BEP20 to BEP2