Funds still missing


Even after importing the wallet for the second time my funds are still not there. The recovery phrase is the same, I made sure when I created the multi-coin wallet the first time to write it down. app has been updated, phone restarted… I also have confirmation from BitForex that the transaction was successful, OMI tokens were sent to the trust wallet address.

This is not a new wallet. I have made many transactions in and out. How can I get my funds back?




it was a successful transaction as per the GoChain website

Please help, yesterday morning i bought ETH for 250$. Balance is empty… :frowning:

Hi I am having issues. I did a pancake swap of Wrapped BNB for RenDoge. The order was confirmed and yet I have no funds from the transfer. Lmk if you need details. In pancake swap is says I have the RenDoge. I have created the coin in my wallet but I still have a balance of zero.

I have the same issue with a Memepad purchase.
Seems to have been successful but can’t find it in my Trustwallet.
Where has it gone?

Hi, please tap on top right corner and search Missing token then switch on missing token BEP20 manually.

Or You can add it as custom token