General UI Improvements

I’ve been using various exchanges for a while now, and the DEX leaves something to be desired…

I’d like for the USD value to change when I manually input the price (like it does when I select a price from the buying or selling prices).

I would also like to see a depth graph and to have the option of changing the line graph to a candle graph. I would love to have a higher resolution as well. Meaning instead of the most recent being 24h, I’d like to see 1h, 15m, 5m, and 1m.

I’d like to have all of this data on the same screen as the trading, if possible. That way, I will allow for quicker and more informed trading decisions.

Your pricing updates aren’t fluid enough. I’d love for the pricing to be updated in real-time or for there to be an option to adjust the pricing update interval.

Your notifications are also as well. I was making a video that involved Trust Wallet and while I was waiting for the notification to let me know my funds arrived, I decided to check to see if they were in my wallet. I refreshed the wallet and sure enough, my crypto was there. I was able to complete an exchange and explain what I was doing in grand detail before receiving the notification telling me that my funds arrived… In the crypto world, time is money. The speed and accuracy of information is extremely important.

When someone goes to get the receiving wallet address for USDT, there should be a warning that if they don’t have any or enough ETH to cover the gas fees, they won’t be able to do anything with the USDT. This will prevent noobs from leaving bad reviews or asking the same questions repeatedly.

Add a referral program where both parties receive a set dollar amount of TWT. I was referred by my friend Ray, I’ve since referred my mother, my brother, and my sister.

If TWT were able to go into my Nexo wallet, like BNB, I would invest more into TWT and I’m sure others would do the same.

If you think my idea(s) are ideal, feel free to send some TWT my way! Thanks <3


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I want to be able to use wallet connect by pasting my QR code. I use it on Mobil only and I cannot take a picture of my phone screen with my phone camera