General view on crypto currency

Most of us know why crypto currency was created but to what personal view do u wish crypto currency can be use.


Undoubtedly, the technologies that cryptocurrencies are based on came to change our lives and they came for what to happen, since just talking about the blockchain, did the statistics take quantum steps and say that from day to day it is not counted or counted? With this I want to tell you that these more than surely come more technologies at the origin of what we see and enjoy today

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It was means to have even and equitable distribution but the rich are stick collecting all and there by controlling the market in exchanges they determine what happens in the market they are determined to control everything.

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Bjr frère j’ai un soucis avec mon portefeuille trust Waller j’arrive pas a faire de transaction précisément faire des envoie
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Solving monetary crisis

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For everyday spending as easy as fait currency.

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One of the best things that happened to me


Yeah correct and so am i