Get rich from trading creptocurrency ##!

You can legitimately get rich from trading #altcoins, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
What is your point of view about? :sunglasses:


How, and where. …

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How is that? Could you elaborate please

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With a 200000 follower account, you can get rich off anything you like.
And my friend Be jealous , you want to reach the crypto influencer level you gotta work extremely harder than ever :ok_hand:


That’s so so so true.

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yes, everybody can get rich from crypto trading. or broke.


am just new but trying to work hard am still worry if i can get rich

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Look at the real world use of coins/tokens (white paper) and buy for lowest possible price then hold (Hodl)

Set sell price at a profit

Watch the markets like a hawk (CoinGecko app gives alerts)

Rinse and repeat


I think trading altcoins cannot make you rich instead investing in alts can make you rich.

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Done right, trading can be fruitful. Scrape profits day by day like a job.


Does trust wallet has low fees?when sending crypto?

Actually a cool way of earning more. But requires so much to learn

True if you know what you are doing though because you need to be proficient in trading knowledge as a trader.

Yep, but we need to follow whales,

how can i import lost wallet?

Lost how? If you have lost your private key or recovery 12 word phrase

How soon we get profit 2x, or 3x if we hold trx?

Which is best to invest now

Free coin
Remove the - after the second /

the first wallet i open when i was installing other apps but I still have the phrase keys , how can i remove ETH ? which is inside