Get Rid of Simplex

Simplex has let everybody down when trying to buy BNB to purchase altcoins. The service rarely works and is slow and cumbersome. I suggest tightening up your service level agreement with them and tell them to fix their shit or hire another provider. Not being able to take payments in this day and age is an embarrassment!


Simplex is a shit service. If you guys want to grow and become a large trading platform. Get rid of those shit 3rd party payment methods. Its been an hour i bought BNB and the amount is pending in my account but the transaction id they provided me says cannot locate the transaction. Please try again later. Has this happened to anyone??


Simplex is horrible. Took money from my bank but never gave me my crypto coin on Trust Wallet.

This is my first and last time using Trust Wallet.

Back to Coin Base.

My goodness what a mess.

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I got a “technical error” yet Simplex managed to take money from my bank.

Took my money yet did not give my coins on Trust Wallet.

They both suck.


After a day of trying to get Smart Chain BNB through I finally was able to make a purchase. I got the payment approved email nearly 12 hours ago and have not yet received the BNB in my wallet.
It’s been about 5 hours since I tried to use their support page and I have not received a response yet.

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Simplex commits fraud daily and Trust Wallet does nothing about it. Dropping this wallet until I hear they no longer associate with Simplex.


Yeah I dumped them both and wont be back. I do not have time for this mess.

I bought 350 USD worth of NANO through Simplex and never received my money. Didn’t take long for them to charge my card but it is around 24 hours and no funds in my wallet. I think since it is the embedded service in Trust app you should rid of them since it seems to be a scam and potential danger for users of Trust.

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Please get rid of simplex.This is one of the worst crypto services available!