Getting Started with Crypto. Part 1 - Why is Crypto Important?

Everyone of us are the first adopters of cryptocurrency. It is not a surprise that the primary reason that people buy and holds crypto with the thinking that it will eventually increase in value. As the saying goes, “I am in it for the technology (profits)”. But kidding aside, we all have our reasons.

We are firm believers that cryptocurrencies are a way to transact freely on our own terms. There is no need for a centralized authority that controls our funds. We want to be financially independent.

The convenience of digital transactions removes the hassle of waiting in line and getting your forms validated before a remittance gets sent. And on the receiving end, there is no delays as it is an immediate transfer of funds.

We want to know your thoughts on this matter, as this can also help other people to decide if crypto is something that they really want to invest in.

For anyone who wants to contribute to this thread, please answer these guide questions:

  • Why do you think crypto matters now?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Why did you decide to invest into crypto?

Note: This is not financial advise.


Today, the development of technology and the world can not be dammed anymore, each of us likes to want to find easy and safe money, one of which is to start buying and storing digital assets such as crypto, the more digital currency enthusiasts will naturally be more and more, if by crypto market prices will increase in the future, so from now on I am interested in storing digital assets with the hope that in the next 3 to 5 years the value will increase


Why do you think crypto matters now?
:heavy_check_mark: The economy is collapsing and allows payments to be made without changing hunting security in times of quarantine. It also allows you to win by trading.

Why do we need it?
:heavy_check_mark: To encourage investment, being a cryptocurrency holder, demands the necessary knowledge to avoid losing when it is devalued, and looking for a way to add.

Why did you decide to invest in crypto?
:heavy_check_mark: It is essential to begin to implement a technology that financial institutions are already betting on to be implemented by them, since the cryptocurrencies are the present.


Great analogy and easily understood. Nicely done!


Всемирная банковская система устарела, цифре не страшны санкции, рубль, йуань, доллар не понятны, спасибо тем кто создаёт крипту.


Why crypto matters now?
Tired of absolute trust and dependence in traditional financial systems
Why do we need it?
To solve our day to day problems of transaction… without having to trust middlemen or centralized regulators.
Why I decided to invest in crypto
Cryptocurrency is the reality and future, no doubt. A whole lot to gain. And I don’t want to miss out.