Getting Started with Crypto. Part 2 - How to Buy and Sell Crypto?

Once you’ve decided to join the crypto journey you are faced with the question: how do I buy crypto?

Buying cryptocurrency is actually just one part of the puzzle. You also need to learn about selling, fees, transaction times and much more.

We already covered the basics of buying crypto directly from the app. However, this may not be applicable to all users as there are some locations that are not yet served by our partners. Also, you cannot sell your crypto to cash directly within the app. We have a generic guide on Cashing out your Crypto which may be helpful for some, but cashing out crypto is always different depending on where you live.

Just recently, Binance has introduced the P2P Marketplace which might interest you. Binance P2P provides a way for verified buyers and sellers to broadcast their offers, as well as a crypto escrow service that ensures the safety and timely delivery of crypto assets in every trade.

Learn more about it here.

Share your methods

We would like to ask the community to share their favourite ways for buying or cashing out crypto. Please include your location so other people in your area can learn! The best answers will be rewarded with TWT.


I live in Nigeria and buying or withdrawing crypto to fiat directly from the app is not supported in my region. So I go around this by using Binance, this platform gives me access to buying/ withdrawing Crypto using fiat through the following processes;

  1. Direct deposit/withdrawal using my Debit card
  2. Direct deposit/ withdrawal via bank transfers
  3. Using the binance P2P platform
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I prefer using ATM and Localbitcoins for cashing in and out. However, we have coinbase with high fees,

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Peer-to-peer transactions most times. Using Debit card is cool too. Though my country’s fiat is yet to be used for the payment.