GMDCoin project taking funds

Hello all, new user here. Has anyone encountered an issue with the GMDCoin project? I just started participating 2 weeks ago and already they’ve taken all of my imvested USDT and are holding it hostage. They said I was selected to recieve a “lucky user benefit”, except that requires me to invest at least 3000 USDT which I don’t have at the moment. When I told them that I was not interested in this “lucky user benefit”, they said they would not return my USDT and would distribute it to other users after 90 days. Is this not a scam?

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Hello @Blazeanater1
It seems you have invested in a fake project.
Always do your research before investing into a project.

I did, scamadvisor website has positive reviews for GMDCoin. I also have friends who have funds invested in the project and nothing has ever happened to them.

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На все 100% мошенники и прежде чем купить или нажать на ссылку или вам пришли какие-то coin или token вы должны убедиться на 100% не мошенники вам это прислали, нужно быть очень осторожен🤝.