Go back to 10 years ago - buying bitcoins

Did you buy Bitcoin ten years ago?

If you bought $ 1 of Bitcoin ten years ago, you are a millionaire now


In my opinion, if we buy currencies like tron or … now, its price will increase thousands of times in the next ten years

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Hmmm about that time 10 years back I never heard about Bitcoin else would have given it a shot.
However there was LR Liberty Reserve which was a form of digital currency then. I lost about $100 when it suddenly folded up. I can only imagine if it was $100 worth of BTC I had way back in 2011.


Ten years ago, I probably didn’t hear about bitcoin. Only got in 2 years ago…and I tell you I am not late.

Definitely I would be a millionaire if I have bought for 1$ … But I was 11 years old :grin:and I am not aware of Bitcoin or crypto currency