Gold Or Bitcoin?

Which would you prefer as safe haven and good store of value?
Just as our world is been ravaged by pandemic of CoVid-19, overprinting of fiat currency by centralized authorities… one need to have a perfect store of value of their assets.


I will say Gold is still more valuable but bitcoin is Also good now.

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Both are two different asset class. You cant ignore Gold for Bitcoin. Just diversify your investment in multiple asset class, you will better returns in coming times. You can invest in real estate, Gold, shares, mutual funds, ETFs, Crypto, etc

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Gold is more stable than bitcoin, its a fact. It is more secure to buy gold and use it as a refuge but it would be nice to consider the fact that even though bitcoin is not stable, it is a great adventure and im glad to participate in it

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The value of gold is so because of the value people place on it. Both are good store of value.

Remember both are scarce but here is the difference: we are not sure when the last gold will be mined…bitcoin is limited and that is a huge difference

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Of course. IMO, bitcoin is the new digital gold. Peer-to-peer transaction, payment method etc. The era of gold is gone in terms of medium of exchange

very true but it still is an adventure because bitcoin only exist since 2008 and we have long way to the last bitcoin mined. BTW do you have any clues on how bitcoin could react in like 60 years ? I mean, we expect bitcoin to reach a very big ATH in the next few months but then what ?

I think gold. Because bitcoin is very hard for withdraw

Both gold and bitcoin / 30 / 70 %

Cool choice. How you even the odds.

Invest your money as per your age. If you are 30 years old, than invest 70% in shares, crypto, bonds, ETF, etc and invest 30% in low risk asset like gold, debt ETF or mutual funds, etc. Always have a emergency funds which can be used anytime when ever you have some emergency :slightly_smiling_face: earning money can be easy but earning a passive income from yout earned money is an art. :slightly_smiling_face:

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