Google authentication

please enable Authenticator google on trust wallet when withdrawal of currencies, I see that robots and fake links scam 12 pharse of some people.


The app does not have 2FA authentication.
Just keep your recovery phrases safe.
Here are some additional tips:

Xin lỗi, tôi đọc ko hiểu gì, vì mới biết sử dụng, muốn đổi tiền, mà, lúc sớm tôi bấm bậy, BNB của tôi ko biết nằm ở đâu…nên tôi tra lại để đổi lại…Giờ tôi làm sao? Giúp tôi nhé, chỉ từ từ…chứ gởi tin nhiều vậy, tôi ko hiểu…giúp tôi nhé

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I agree I think Google authentication should be updated into this wallet asap. Support Team claims that they do not use it because of privacy issues? I see that the new safemoon wallet has the Google authentication on their wallet and they do not take any additional information or violate any privacy issues. Several different places have verified that on different sites. Trust wallet please upgrade this feature asap :pray:.

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