Got ETH from Binance, didn't receive it yet

I guess this is my problem too cos I sent eth from my Binance to my trust wallet app o got notified but it didn’t reflect any help please



Hi @figho65,

Upon checking your address on an explorer, you didn’t receive any native ETH: Address 0x47AF73985E91663b4aef72f67CC14AB254ecC4D2 | Etherscan

However, when checked via the Binance Smart Chain, you received it as a pegged token: This means that you withdrew it as a BEP20 token, not a native ETH.

You can display your pegged ETH token by enabling it. Try to follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin

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ok, that was much simpler way to get around this. I didn’t really know by clicking on BEP20 it would become pegged ETH.

But thanks for sharing the info and the follow up. much appreciated