Great news pancakeswap protocol has alot on its sleeves that will last it's token and improve it's stake in the crypto space

Goodnews coming our way @pancake has more delicacy and plans to dish out and to improve and also increase the value of it’s product.

What part of the to do list catches your attention and why? Fellow :trust: community?Elk2au-UcAEd4Vg


NFT’s paired with gaming have ushered in a new wave of projects where, even a few, short years ago, there was only cryptokitties. It’s good to see pancakeswap getting in on the action.

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Really a great project with great plans… No wonder the number one on Binance Smart Chain.

Not a financial advice though :money_mouth_face:


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Yeah no strategy you need to apply or decision to investment in crypto is without risk or totally risk free… :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah you can say that again @ZemusZero it’s a head start to improving the project and there increase adoption of the token and the protocool at large.