Great news! Questions have been answered!

Hello community,

by now the majority of you knows that TWT has been listed on its first official exchange: Binance DEX. But that’s not why I am writing you today. I here to tell you where to look for some answers.
From their official post, there is the original Binance proposal for listing link attached and there one can find the answer to so many yet unanswered questions: team size, use case, supply etc. Just search for trusty’s post " Trust Wallet Token (TWT) listed on Binance DEX! " and there you can find the link to the proposal.

Related to the circulating supply: we finally have an answer:
"What is the circulating supply of your token?
250,926,200 TWT "

This means, the current market cap is 11,241,493 (250,926,200 * 0.0448), which will rank the coin on the ~470th position. The good news however, is that there is lots of room to grow!

Make sure you check the proposal! It is very important!

As always,



Cool :sunglasses: finally listed on first official exchange. More to come. :heart:


Well. explained… It’s really awesome to be listed on dex