Hamster v1 to v2 convert

The hamster contract has been changed. How can I switch to a new contract?

The hamster dev team is unreachable. There is no information on the exchange between contracts on their website.

Transaction Hash: 0xa3f7c1a9231317311d5d8c96e88de95d1ad415953c35c67eeb6402fa3a756b80

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Hello @Muratkoc
Your tokens are in your wallet and you only need to add it manually as a custom token using these details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0xb7b36ca86685af52186f1f9394e91d115a9da654
Decimals: 18

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Thank you for the answer.

I did what you said. The tokens have already been added to my wallet but I cannot use my tokens as it is an old contract. The hamster contract has changed. That’s why there is no logo.

New contract: 0x679d5b2d94f454c950d683d159b87aa8eae37c9e
decimal 7

Therefore I need to move my tokens to the new contract.

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Please contact the projects team for assistance with that.

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I could not reach the project team. There is no contact link on their site. That’s why I asked you for help.

When contract changes are made in other coin projects, swaps are made in order not to make people suffer. However, the hamster coin team did not even share information on their website.

Old contract hamster tokens are currently unavailable. It’s a sad situation.

@Muratkoc this is not Trust wallet issue, it is project team obligations to inform token holders on how to swap from old to new tokens. Try to check their socials on CoinMarketCap informations.