Hardware vs paper wallets

Hey everyone, looking for some advice in getting either a hardware or paper wallet for storing my crypto. Is there any one you prefer or use personally or is it even worth the effort? Anything would help. Thanks


To restore your wallet you need to enter phrases or a private key.
It’s already a condition, if it’s lost or whatever. your wallet cannot be accessed. so sad,


coldwallet, trezor, ledger, opendime are example of hard/cold wallets. In classical way) But there is a many funn ythings you can do with a nice micro sd card and a btc wallet on it.
I suggest you to think a bit, about all phisical dangers, that you will need to take care about while use them. First of all its sofisticated and rare hardware that shouts “i got bitcoins!”
Also nothing is unhackable if needed and in hands. So think twice, maybe digital way is more secure for you basicly if do it like you should do? And Bitcoin privacy is a big topic in google and bitcoin wiki, so you can re ad many various and surprise ideas on cold vaults diy or masking)
I use opendime as a fun toy)


Wow…Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated and I will look more into it.


Depends on what you are looking for I suppose hardware wallet is a go go.


Thank you very much for the information sir i will rember this information

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