Hardware wallet to trust wallet

Hi yes, they still charge you, I have lost a lot of $ this way.
I have a related question please but cannot post any other way.
From trust wallet I sent some LP tokens to hard wallet, their documentation implied it could be done but in fact that rested on metamask playing nicely with the hard wallet which it did not or the hard wallet recognising these particular tokens which it did not. I had successfully transferred other tokens the same way. The hard wallet people just say ‘hopefully one day we will have these tokens but we have a backlog, maybe you can help on github’ so I looked at that but the only thing up for help in that respect was logo images of exisitng coins, no lp tokens.
I know the tokens are still there, and I can see them on the (or in the broader) address at etherscan but they are stuck invisible on the hard wallet and I can’t work out how to send them back to trust wallet (or anywhere) where I can access/ use them.
Can you assist with advice?


Hi @Haiku,

What kind of hardware wallet do you use right now? Ledger Nano, Trezor, etc.?



You can connect your Ledger wallet to Metamask and access your crvPlain3andSUSD from there. Then you can transfer it to your address based on the Trust Wallet app.