Harmony One, BNB, Pancakeswap

Hi Guys I’m a newbie,

So I decided to get some harmony one coins. This is the process i used
Go to binance brought some gbp funds then send them to bnb smart chain on trust wallet
I then went to pancakeswap and swapped the bnb to harmony one it all went through fine but my harmony one is still showing 0 now when I go back to pancakeswap and set the currency to harmony one its there how do I get this to show on the trust wallet


I’m having the same exact problem. Nothing I do fixes the issue. I hope they get the problem fixed soon.


Se issue here!! Been having so many troubles with the app; makes me want to delete it all! It all started after I swapped some ruppees to bnb, then the swap kept showing on and off, funds being present and gone… and then this! It makes me feel pretty unsafe to leave my money on an app that cannot show me where my money’s at.

It all shows on pancake, but not on trust. Hopefully they fix the issue soon


I too have the same problem, I can see my Harmony One through pancake but not on the Trust wallet
Please help

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Double check the harmony one contract address (actually, check if they even have a pegged token on BSC)!

There is a project called Big One that uses the me ticket and has nothing to do with Harmony One.