Have not received BCH Withdrawal from Trust Wallet

Hello I have a transfer issue, I tried to withdraw Bitcoin Cash(BCH) from my Trust Wallet to another crypto app, it had said it has sent but I still have not received the BCH on the other app… also, the recipient address I had copy and pasted changed it isn’t the same address as before…is that a normal occurrence? and how long could a withdrawal take up to?

The wallet itself can’t change the sending address . If the app already shows you confirmation than there is two possible reason of not crediting balance . One , You have used wrong address or address from a different platform . Second , your destinated wallet change the address automatically once you receive any transaction .

Yes that’s why I said it was the recipient address was different. That must be the case because I copy and pasted the address directly from the destination app. Definitely was the right address at the time, is there any other indication of how long could it take? It’s already been 24 hours since

Can you share the tx id here ? if its already shows you confirmations than we can do nothing here . You will need to contact with the platform you have your BCH .


This is the TxId:

Bitcoin Cash / Transaction / 1f13c605c71b3e47f027100cfdc99192223148ef71aa9aeaf51efbe11c66a3f2 — Blockchair
Transaction shows successful on explorer . kindly find out at where you send your BCH to . You may also reachout to the destination wallet support team for further check up . I will lock this thread soon , let me know if you have any concerns .

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