Haven’t received my BNB has been HOURSSSS..!

As title says how long has everyone else been waiting this long to receive it in their wallet…? Not my first time waiting but what gives…

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Going on 30 hours for me… zero idea what is happening! Other two purchases went through in like 5 mins max

Saquei da binance para a carteira trust, verifiquei que esta tudo em ordem, endereço, e foi feito corretamente e faz mais de 10horas que nao entra a cripto.

Nao sei mais oque fazer…

Same issue. I sent ETH from Binance dot US to Trust Wallet 18 hours ago with no confirmation. Etherscan does see the send between my two 0x wallet address (which are correct) but no balance in Trust Wallet.

I was also not able to find a contract address for ETH so I can not add that token as a custom token in Trust Wallet. Thank you for any help.

I have the same problem, it appears as received but I have a 0 balance of BNB…what to do?