Haven’t received purchased BNB

I purchase $50 worth of BNB two days ago. I got an email saying that my purchase has been approved. My bank account has been deducted also. Why has it not showed up in my trust wallet? My 1st purchase was there instantly. Any info will be appreciated


same here I did mine this morning and still nothing.purchased it’s been approved out of my bank account and even got the email saying it was successful and still nothing

Same here. Site seems like a joke. Need bnb to change But there’s none available. Then becomes available and won’t deliver. Money has been stuck for a week now. No answers no help. I won’t continued to use this wallet anymore and prob cut my loses with this place

Same here. First time purchasing crypto and I make the mistake of using THIS wallet. Will be switching and also caution my friends and family. Been 24hrs with crypto transferred as seen on Binance explorer, yet thats not reflected on my trustwallet. Untrust here

I did the exact same thing and not received!!!
I don’t know what I am supposed to do next

Something is going on with me, spent $50 on smartchain bnb this morning at 6:50am and 12 hrs later still nothing in my wallet!! The money is gone from my bank already too

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I withdrew from binance my BNB to send to Trust Wallet, it hasn’t come through on my Trust Wallet.

I didn’t need a memo, but accidentally put a memo, what do I do?

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Having the exact same issue. Money has been deducted and confirmation email has been received, but no BNB received. Very unprofessional service.

Transfered smart chain from Binance to trust wallet. its been 28 hours and the smart chain hasn’t arrived. Trust wallet customer service isn’t responding to my emails. What is going on?

This is horrible that it is happening to so many people with a name like Trust. I am 17 hours in waiting to receive my purchased bnb smart chain through simplex on trust wallet and have gotten nothing not even a purchase confirmation email.

I finally got my crypto 2 days after payment approval. From my understanding it was a simplex issue. I just kept emailing them stating that I haven’t received my crypto and that it wasn’t on the blockchain.

did this ever get resolved? I am 17 hours into the waiting process to receive my bnb smartchain I bought through trust wallet simplex. no email confirmation of purchase but funds got taken out of bank account.

Same here it’s been more than 24 hours and I sent several emails but I never got a correct answer

Yes. The delay was on simplex. I had to keep emailing them that I hadn’t received my crypto

Same here. I purchased 50 dollars. And everything got approved and funds were taken out of my wallet but no bnb smart chain has been put into my account. Been 14 plus hours already. What do I do

Could you please tell us how you contacted simplex? What is their customer support email? Was it through ticket submissions? I submitted a ticket with no response yet.

I believe there is an issue I am mining using Unmineable sending to an address (WINK), an everything was working fine, however any transaction after 9:00pm GMT is not showing(at least that is the first transaction not showing), every 4 hours I get a new deposit, none of them after 9 has been working or showing.

I decided to delete trust wallet and add it again, and now is showing 0 so basically something very wrong is happening.

Weird thing is that my 0.000008 TRX worth nothing are still showing no problem.

Is anyone from Trust wallet going to explain what is going on here?

Have they run with our money or what?

Same here i just buy bnb from giottus to exchange cryto bt i hvnt recieved any cryto from trust wallet…

The same goes to me. Withdraw BTC from Binance to BNB address in Trustwallet, nothing showing up in my wallet since yesterday. Already got approval email from Biance too.

I replied to an email that they sent me asking if I received my crypto after my payment was approved