HELP! Cake token not displaying on trust wallet after deposit

I tried to transfer some cake from binance to my trustwallet earlier, and still didnt show up until now. It was 5 hours ago and in the bscscan, it shows the amount of my cake. How can I make my cake appear in the trustwallet? help please.

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Add CAKE as a custom token in your tokens list, search for CAKE and enable it

Tried it already earlier but still doesnt work. Also tuend on the bep2 and bep20 cake tokens but still doesnt show. Pls help

ok, so bscscan shows the tx as successful but no balance shown in trust? what is your address or transaction hash?

yes, heres my transaction hash: 0xad5f56b28e6289e2f2f1dd7d439c04d41fbc36dc96f95c562a42ec81997e1543

So this is the address that you have access to within trustwallet app? 0x1182bb3D275C4f142f0e0042Cf7fA3FBd5bE650B

This cake amount is in that address, as long as you have access to that address, and providing you send BNB to the same address to pay gas fees, this cake should show up in pancakeswap amm when you connect your wallet

I tried to use pancakeswap to swap my cake, but it shows 0 balance and says that insufficient cake.

You have 0 BNB in that address so will not be able to swap until you have some to pay gas fees, please show screenshot of CAKE balance in pancakeswap site

like this please

Hi, i tried to transfer bnb to my trust wallet and now it wont show both!
it both appears here but does not show on my trust wallet

Are you sure this is your address in trustwallet? please show the deposit screenshot for bnb with address in the app

Yes i deposited bep2 bnb for gas fee and converted it to bep20 bsc bnb. But now it wont show the balajfe for both bnb and cake bsc

I cant paste any image here, how do i do it. It wont let me share a media

How did convert from bep2 to bep20, using trustwallet app? Fill fill fill

i used the more options and selected swap to smartchain on trust wallet and to convert bnb to bnb bsc. after that it sent a notification but didnt appeared in my wallet.

It shows on bscscan that you have bnb in that address now, are you sure you have enabled the right tokens? And pancakeswap site shows 0 balance still?

it still shows 0 in pancake swap. I woludve try to swap the cake for bnb but the bnb also doesnt show. idk what to do now.

Check you have selected bsc network on pancakeswap

I have the same problem ! I traded binance to bonfire … the number of bonfire shows but no amount displayed or added to my wallet ! Someone please help