Help, confused: recieved coins, but not on coin wallet

I was sent some Hokk recently. But it didn’t show up on my TRUSTWALLET. After a while i managed at least to have it visible on my wallet. But now i have some sort of extra icon with the same adress …one empty, one with the coins without dollar value? If someone has an idea how to fix this, i would be very happy. Thanks guys!

@sherwin it could be the fake token, read more here: Why Does my Token Have No Value?

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But how is it possible that there are know two of the hakkaido wallets…and both of them hav the same recieving adresse:/

@sherwin both ERC20, BEP20, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, HECO, xDAI & FTM have identical addresses on Trust wallet. So if you sent tokens to your address will appear no matter is fake or original.

Your tokens appear on different balance because the one which displays the balance seems to be the original and the one with no price could be fake (not sure). But they appear as separate token because it has different token contract from the one which displays the price.

For this issue, contact project team and ask them which one is original. We have nothing to do from our side.

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