Help! I Got my USDT stuck ina a binance - peg wallet!

I bought USDT on binance and withdrew to BEP20 wallet. A new token was created named Binance- peg Tether, all effort to send it to my other tether wallet proved worthless, it kept telling me to get fees in BNB that i did it and it still proved worthless, I need on this, Thanyou.


@Mhiztadal Hey. I’m in the same situation! Did you ever get it resolved?

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@Keelee Not at all,not even a response from the support team, I pray help come soon

Yeah, I think its ridiculous. I have USDT bep20 and I want to send it back to Binance. Since that doesn’t work I have tried swap it to a BNB - no luck. I have $26 BNB and I keep getting error message that I don’t have enough ($0.66) to cover network fees. Thankfully, there are more wallets out there that don’t suck as bad. I have spent well over 2 hours trying to figure this out.

I am in the same situation. Do you guys have your BNB in smart chain i.e.(BEP20) or in BEP2, the normal BNB? U need to have smart chain bnb. If you have bnb u can transfer tht u your binance account and then from there transfer smart chain to smart wallet. Then u will be able to transact USDT. But I don’t even have enough BNB to transfer.

I transferred bnb from trust wallet to binanceUS and a day later I still haven’t received them in binance. Trust wallet says it went through. Can anyone help?