Help! I sent BSC to the same address

Hi, I was trying to send Binance Smart Chain to a different waller address and discovered minutes after the transaction was successful that I sent it over to the same address I sent it from now I don’t see the BSC reflected in my wallet.

Any help I get will be appreciated.

Transaction ID: 0x6866e8596b04d2ea92df16ddd92af9d3592e0242537864c73169bf7f13b76067
Wallet Address: 0x088e255a43343d43eeb641ed94733dc531733ec4
Version: 5.21 (Ipad)

Hello @lauragift21,

It’s still in your wallet. It just won’t show as “received” in the transaction history of the app since it was a self-transaction. So you were only deducted with transaction fees.

Oh yeah, thanks! I will do the calculation on my end to make sure it is indeed still in my wallet.

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