Help! I swapped BSC for SPI in Pancake Swap but it’s not showing up in my Trust Wallet!

8 hours ago I executed a swap from BSC tokens to SPI. The transaction record shows it as “successful “ but the SPI isn’t showing up in my Trust Wallet. The transaction ID is 0xc6e740ef77aa84a6bed622c40a88fdc619c54ba57ef241de626cff83cc515177 … I think. I will try to post a screenshot of the transaction. Cheers, Chalom

Here is the screenshot of the transaction:

Hi @Chalom,

You need to add it as a custom token:

Token details can be found here:

THANK YOU!! I solved it. I needed to create a custom wallet for BSC separate to the ERC20 Wallet. My missing SPI has appeared in this custom wallet. Many thanks again for your assistance (:

I guess the next question is: how do I safely send the contents of my BSC SPI wallet to the other ERC20 SPI wallet? Is This possible? cheers

Thanks so much @iamdeadlyz. I’m not sure where to access the “Search Token Screen” on the app. If I push the “receive” button, a search box comes up at the top of the screen. I inputted the address from the BSC Scan link you gave me and it comes up with "No Assets Found’ but the only button on the screen says “Buy Cryptocurrency” I tried that button also but still no “Add Custom Token” button. I figure I’m just looking in the wrong place. Today I managed to find an address/link on twitter for and it created an SPI wallet for me and I was able to buy 8.374 SPI with ETH, but the 4.434 SPI that I swapped on Pancake Swap with BSC still did not appear. I don’t know if there’s a different wallet for purchases with BSC than ERC20? I have attached the screen shots below. Cheers.

If you send a BEP20 token to an ERC20 wallet, it won’t be automatically converted to ERC20. Worst case scenario, if you do not have the recovery phrase or private key of the ERC20 wallet, you cannot recover it anymore. Thus, triple-check first before sending.

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Help and fix…roseon finance to bnb want to swap …did try 9 day already . can not get to swap…from pancake …please fix it …