Help I was given a watch wallet

Hi, I imported some ETH to my Trustwallet yesterday and it says it is a Watch-only wallet. I have been emailing Support, who says I need to deposit a fee to verify the wallet.

Can you tell me if this email is the real Trustwallet Support address?: [email protected]

Thank you

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Hello @HubbC
A watch only wallet means you imported wallet address instead of wallet recovery phrase.
You need to import your recovery phrase to have full access of your wallet.
Here’s how to import: How to Import a Wallet via Recovery Phrase
If you do not own that wallet and you were given the wallet, then it is a scam.
Take note also that you do not need to pay any fee to verify or upgrade your wallet.

@HubbC That is a scam email, please block, report and disregard any mail gotten from that.