Help me please I nedd to get back my multi currency wallet

I deleted my wallet because I did not know how to transfer the Kin currency to emigrate it to solana, I already did, but when I try to recover my multi coin wallet with the same phrase words, the multi coins do not come out, it tells me that it is wrong, and no Let me look at my wallet that has different currencies, what can I do? I need help please

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Make sure their is a space between each words

Hi @Sario,

Are you referring to this error: Invalid mnemonic phrase?

If yes, please follow this guide:

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Pls I forgot mnemonic phrase help me I have money inside pls you people should help me


If you don’t know the phrase, theres not much anyone can do to help you.

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Hi @Stanley2004, sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately, just like what @Skb said, no one can help you with the lost phrase. You need to find the backup that you should have done while creating the wallet.