Help me wrong to send BEP20 to ERC20

please help me wrong sending USDT from BEP20 to ERC20

Hi @airmarga,

Did you send it to an exchange or different platform? What’s the name of that service?

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help me please thanks

i am send to erc 20 latoken , help me please

i send to exchange…

Since you already sent the funds to the exchange, please contact their customer support so they can assist you.

no entry into the exchange because they use ERC20 while I send it from BEP20, they told me to contact the trust wallet

my wallet : 0xeC19709D9ECaC86d0FA441D54a822a9359b5E9e8

tx hash : 0x02ee4e4e7d3b11dadc1ad90e97293d86c07117e73b5c1498567a304bb682c31a

Unfortunately, this is not a Trust Wallet issue. You already sent your funds to them, but, they don’t support BEP20. In this case, you may consider your 7 BUSD-T as lost. Please be careful next time and double-check before transacting.