Help Needed please XYO (XY Oracle) & Finding an Exchange to Swap into Bitcoin

Hi my name is Adrian from Australia.

Please can you let me know some Exchanges which I can swap my current XYO (XY Oracle) to Bitcoin; then send to my Australian Exchange the Bitcoin to then cash out into Fiat/Australian Dollars.

Coinspot is my current Australian Exchange; however they do not accept XYO (XY Oracle)

All Guidance and Help is truly appreciated please.


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We have an article that can help out:
You need to convert XYO first to a major currency before you can cash it out.

i have the same problem and cant seem to exchange my xyo to anything as when i go to change the currency in the app i cant find xyo
What do i do?

The Built-In DEX will only list coins or tokens that is already trading on popular DEXes.
If you cannot find your token then you need to send it to a centralized exchange.

You can check CoinmarketCap or CoinGecko to see where you can trade your coin or token.

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Ok I can’t get my XYOracle coins traded out of trust wallet… I need to cover a .26 ETH network fee which I’m willing to pay the minimum of $50 ETH but when I go to deposit money to transfer to KuCoin but they use Moonpay and the only state in the universe that isn’t able to is OKLAHOMA and that’s where I live!! So is my XYoracle stuck in trust wallet??

You can take them out anytime. Just have to send some ETH to the wallet first.

That’s what I’m trying to say. I am trying to add ETH but the only form of payment they use is Moonpay and Oklahoma it’s not available!! Literally one of the only states not on the list. What do you think I can do??