Help Please ETH Swaps

I need help please! I want to swap my ETH BEP2 network to the main ETH coin network but I am stuck with no solutions. And I have no BNB in my trust account and I cannot deposit and buy BNB because Singapore government has banned many crypto exchanges here including Binance. Can anyone help me?

(I am a university undergraduate but a newbie crypto, quite new and but very lost so thank you!!)

Hello you can either send out your tokens to an exchange that supports bep2 deposits but you would need to have Bep2 BNB as gas fees.

You can also try converting Bep2 ETH to ERC20 ETH via Binance bridge.

The reason being in Singapore, Binance Exchange which is the main exchange that locals here use is being banned by the government, so it is really hard to buy any crypto including BNB for the gas fee as well.