HELP regarding swapping

Hi all,

I’m brand new with Trust Wallet and the DEX.
The wallet (version 1.28.1) works fine, the swap in the DEX however, is giving me
massive headaches.
I transferred different coins into the wallet (TUSD, BNB, DOT, 1INCH and some ETH).
And a swap from BNB to TWT succeeded instantly.
But that was just a test, I don’t even understand yet what TWT actually is all about …

But my problems are all the other swaps.
I never see any ‘pairs’ to choose from (as in the video’s on Youtube).
I only get BNB / TWT.
I do can choose a coin in the ‘You Pay’ - for instance TUSD.
And then something else in ‘You Get’.
But then, the next screen is always ‘You Pay’ again, and my previous choice of USDT
is gone and replaced by ETH.
And that’s been going on for the whole day now.

So please, somebody call an ambulance or tell me what I’m doing so wrong :slight_smile:

Hi @Bamiga,

The token pairs are only limited in the app. You can only swap ERC20 to ERC20, BEP2 to BEP2, and BEP20 to BEP20. You can use the DApps browser if you want (like using Uniswap, Pancakeswap, 1inch, etc.).

Also, swapping native Polkadot is not possible in the app. You need to deposit it on an exchange.