Help! Sent Binance Peg Ethereum from Trust Wallet to Binance Ethereum address

Hey! I am very new to moving stuff back and forth from Trust wallet, pancake swap, Uniswap, and Binance US. Everything was great until recently. I had a similar problem. I had sent BNB from Binance to my trust wallet. I then sold my BNB on the exchange that is on the trust wallet app for what I thought was ethereum but it was Binance Peg Ethereum. Well I was trying to get it sent to show up on my Metamask wallet so I could use it on uniswap. Kept getting a error message. So I finally go fed up and said I would just sent it back to Binance get real Ethereum and then send it to my Metamask wallet. Well when I went to send the Binance Peg Ethereum to Binance Us using my Eth address on there, it sent it. It left my Trust wallet but it has never arrived in my Binance account. Im reading a lot of others that had similar situations that have gotten their money back but haven’t found one with my exact scenario yet. Please help!


Hi @joshthebeast24,

Binance.US does not support ETH BEP20 deposit. Since the cryptos are with them, please contact their customer support directly so they can assist you.

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where did you send the binance peg ethereum from? Trust wallet? Did you select Erc20 on Binance ?


I have same issues too, I had to use pancake swap to convert my Bnb to ethereum not knowing it was “binance peg ethereum” so I sent it to my normal ethereum wallet in my Roqqu app
Since last Saturday till now I haven’t received my coins

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Yeah it sucks! It sounds like our only bet is if Binance can help us and we have to wait on their crappy customer service to make it happen for us.

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@Flexino, in that case, try to reach out to Roqqu’s customer support and see if they can still recover it.

Unfortunately I have not. I am still waiting on Binance. us customer service to get back to me. I opened up a case with them when it happened and I still have not heard anything back from them. Lucky for me mine is in ETH so it has went up in price since its been stuck in there. As long as I get it back eventually Im not to upset as it sounds like Binance will be able to help, but it just takes them forever to reply to your ticket.

hey have you heard anything back the same exact thing happened to me and i need my money back lol it is just stuck somewhere i cant get to lol i can still see it in my watch only wallet on trust but can do anything with it

Although cryptocurrency is meant to be decentralised. These exchange giants still want our funds to be in their format.

I looked for Binance-Peg Ethereum contract on Bscscan, there are close to 300,000 holders of this coin. The funds of these holders must have stuck there in this format for the same reason people like us are facing.