Help! Sent Uni coins from Binance Wallet to my Uniswap address on trust wallet...

Hi guys, I have made a silly mistake and am REALLY hoping there is some way to reverse the move and get access to my coins/money again!

I transferred UNI coins from Binance exchange to the trust wallet…

However I realise now I should have sent to the ‘binance smart chain’ address of my wallet and not the Uniswap address. So the transfer is complete and ‘successful’ on the Binance end but obviously not showing up on my Uniswap heading of the trust wallet. What do I do next please - really need this back!! Any help and advice would be so gratefully received!

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Still hoping someone can pop up and be a hero here…!

Hello @holdmybadger,

To clarify, did you send it to an ERC20 address like this one?

Yes - exactly that my friend. Is there any hope?!

Exactly yes. From Binance using BEP20…gone forever or saveable?!

It’s recoverable. Please tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen, search for Uniswap, and enable the one with BEP20. You can also follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin

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You sir are an absolute hero - thanks so much

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You’re welcome! If you have further inquiries, feel free to create a new thread/topic. Stay SAFU!