Help with BNB transfer from binance

Hello ! I transferred 500 usd worth of bnb from binance to bnb trust wallet but 3 days later and go nothing. On the Blockchain it is showing as successful but i think the gas fee was wrong …please help! txid :



Now you see it on trust wallet?
Which app use? Where you download app?

Im using the latest app from google play version 1.28.6 i did not get anything. Its on 0 :frowning:

That transaction shows you send binance pegged BTC bep2 to your address, not BNB

Check you have this token enabled in trustwallet app

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Wow lots of thanks to you! How can i transfer this to binance now ? Or change it from here into normal BTC

First thing you will need is some bep2 bnb to pay for the gas fees to send that btcb anywhere, if you want normal BTC, you can send back to binance and then withdraw to a normal BTC address, or there are bridge sites that can also swap chains without the need to send to binance first