Help with Native Dogecoin

I currently have some of the Native Dogecoin, not the Bep2 or Bep20, so how do I get rid of this and transfer it to something else? I know Binance doesn’t take the Native so it’s basically just stuck in my account with nowhere to go.


Will you fix it for everyone?? Cause I have an issue with this also. I cant swap or sell or anything.

Hello Cathfl… I’m have a similar issue. I Bought Smart chain BNB with CC thru Simplex. I ended up with Native DOGE and Pancake won’t recognize as being in my wallet so I cant trade it.

Can you help me please I messaged you. I can’t do anything with the Doge

Hi I transferred doge from poloneix to trust wallet, the funds show they are completed on poloneix but I have not received the coin in my trust wallet. I am concerned as I feel I lost my coins, the address I sent it to is correct but no funds can you helpo

I suppose I have the same issue. The Doge I bought initially through Simplex on Trust Wallet doesn’t give me the option to swap or anything. I also have the other Dogecoin in my wallet. How can I make it all the same (bep 2 or bep 20?) with the ability to exchange?