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So today I made 2 transaction on USDT on my Trust wallet to The first one confirm and received, I then a few hours later copied the same adress on that transaction and iniciated second transaction, it is confirmed but not received. I contacted support on, they checked and did not know why the transaction got declined on blockchain they said, and could could not assist me further. So is my second transaction forever lost.

My first transaction hash :

My second transaction hash that is where :


Who can I contact regarding this?

Thanks for any advice, great community.


I believe the best person to contact is support… Because the USDT was successfully transfer

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This is your first transaction

This is your second transaction

See the difference in the TOwallets where the USDT were sent. You have not sent USDT to the same address in these transactions.

@iamdeadlyz - What are the possible issues here?


Hello @Itachi82,

On your first transaction, you successfully sent it to crypto com:

However, on the second transaction, you sent it to the smart contract address of Tether:

That’s why you didn’t receive it as intended. Please be informed that the confirmed transactions in the Ethereum blockchain are irreversible. The 201 USDT can be considered as lost. Please be careful next time.


Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help. Yeah I saw that my second transaction was to USDT contract adress. Good news for me, after direct contact with USDT support they were able to help me and will refund back to my wallet adress.

Take a look at my transaction, why it shows transfer to the contract adress in both transactions? Isnt misleading info.

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I thank God and also rejoice with you.
At last, you’ll recover your money.

Let us all be very careful in undertaking any transaction.


Glad to know they are able to give you a refund.

Regarding the transaction list, you have to press “More details” so you can double-check it in the Etherscan. The Trust Wallet app shows the contract address in the “To” since the transaction interacted with the smart contract of USDT to aid in transferring the tokens.

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The transactions get confusing sometime as they interact with their contracts for any transfer of tokens. It is such a good thing that you received your funds back. :+1:

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