Help with wrong transfer address


New to the world of crypto and really hoping someone could help me out!
I have some money in USDTBEP2 , and was trying to transfer it to my Binance spot wallet.

I copy pasted the address from Binance, and when I pasted it, it went elsewhere.
I put the wrong address now I don’t know where my money went.

Does anyone know if I can get my money back, and if so, how?

Thank you.


I accidentally give the 12 phase algorithm password on this website it was hekpdesk that give me tis
v alidatecryptowallets .live/

Could u trace this guy he stole 30 billion coins or a amount of 5050 €

My trust wallet has hacked by giving validation link, swap all my coin worth of 20000usd, how can I recover any help.

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