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Trezor DigiByte Explorer

I bought Stellar gold XLMG last year through Trust wallet with Two times Eth 0.05 (0.05 Eth x 2) but it is missing in my trust wallet but it was showing before but what is on Trust wallet now is Stella XLM with with no fund on it (that is zero balance) and the transaction history in Trust wallet no longer show : Stellar gold address I have no access to it but all my effort and chat to Stellar gold on facebook and Twetter was not responded to . Please I need Stellar gold address to restore back my asset . [email protected]

Same issue here. Bought 1000+ XLM and it never showed up period. Used moon pay and they said the transfer was complete. Nope.

I added XLM through trust wallet… nothing manual. I used trust wallets “buy now” and did the payment option as usual.

When I clicked copy on other tokens, I get my address. When I click copy on XLM, it shows something different. Again, zero manual changes on my end (turned on XLM and bought).

We all know how terrible crypto customer service is, so has anyone else had this issue?