I have some of HGET-BNB Pairs in my wallet and I want to provide liquid it at the pancakeswap platform but when I try to stake that pairs system show that like I don’t have LP but I have I can see on the wallet. How can I stake this pairs. I think I miss something.

Hi @Hakanileri,

Please contact the admins or dev team of Pancakeswap so they can investigate this issue: Telegram: Contact @pancakeswap

It is only Display issue.

You LP tokens are .00003265 and the display of balance is only four digits after the decimal.

Click on Max on the Stake LP tokens and confirm. You are good to go. If it persists, like @iamdeadlyz said go to Pancakeswap Telegram for help.

İt’s happened exactly like you said but app didn’t comfirm my stake at the end I give up to try. so I have exchanged my hget with another pair. I have tried to contact with admin on telegram but unfortunately 3 different person call me and represent yourself as a authorized person and I scared that platform. İn the end if some say how can Manage this issue in there I will try again to stake hget or I give up to try

Did you get the HGET on a different exchange?