Hi, I tried the staking option today

Hey guys, I decided to try the staking option in my Trust Wallet today. I started with 1.7 BNB which was about $1067 I want to know if its possible for me to add more money to that amount so I can have 2 BNB? Or is that option locked away with the money until I unstake it?

Hi, @moonpie you can add up anytime you want. Just follow the staking process.

He @Alan47, so I just start the staking process like the first time with the new monies? Also, I want to be able to separate the staking profits from the BNB I send in to swap for other coins/tokens. I learned about creating a new wallet, but was afraid to disconnect the first wallet from Pancake swap. Like non staking wallet and a staking wallet. I hope I’m not over thinking this.

Thanks bro

@moonpie you can create more than one wallet in the app. But make sure you backup both wallets as they have different 12 word recovery phrase.
To create another wallet, Go to Settings > wallets > tap on + button on top right corner then create new wallet.

To access your other wallet go to settings > wallets then select the wallet you want to access.

Hey @Alan47 thanks for the super fast replies. I already got that part down. My main concern was connecting both to pancake swap. It seems like I have to disconnect on of the wallets to connect the other. And I don’t want to have any issues with the staking or anything else.

@moonpie the wallet which you are currently use on PancakeSwap for staking will not be affected. The new created wallet can be used to access PancakeSwap DApp too without affecting the first wallet. Just make sure you switch wallets as I described above.

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Thanks! I was afraid to disconnect before finding out whether or not it would be ok.