Hi yesterday I unstake my bnb coins

I read that I can use my bnbs 6 days and 18 hours after unstake but a lot of people have encountered problems I really made a big purchase i m really worry about that this is my transactiıon number62A4E26FBA327FD0C768F07707D91C69B26DC48A0E0CE48ACC7A30A8979D8C86
trust wallet support look like really problem to contack hope nothing will happen

After you send an Undelegate/unstake transaction, your staked BNB will begin the unbonding period on the next day UTC 00:00.

It will take 7 days before the BNB becomes Available.
Read more here: How to Unstake BNB with Trust Wallet

i accidently unstaked my bnb s. can i restake next day? or do i have to wait 7 days to stake again.

@robinhatestaking you have to wait until they’re fully unstaked (after 7 days) and stake them manually.