High Ethereum gas on trust wallet

Does ethereum gas also affected by wallet we use or its only dependent on network,??


Nice question @esmaeel21db. I would think that it’s purely dependent on network, but I think an admin needs to clarify too. Does a wallet add to the gas fee as a form of payment for using the wallet for a transaction?


Mostly, I think it’s purely network-dependent. From my experience, I notice very high gas fees during the day, while it drops quite low during late evening, around 8pm.


Every transaction fee depends on blockchain you’re interacting with. This doesn’t depends on the wallet you’re using. High ethereum gas fee as because the current ethereum network is fully busy and miner needs high gas to validate the transaction. Nothing related to trust wallet.


As true as that is. Is also not so true. I just sent eth from a competitor wallet. it was half the amount in gas fees and also it was less that 2 min before the transaction was verified. We pay higher fees to place ourselves higher upon the nonce. To get our transaction processed the fastest. So whoever is collecting these fees are making a killing. This is an example. This was the login transaction from etherhives. Not joking. I’m getting ready to move all my crypto to another wallet on a different chain. BTW trust wallet itself might not collect a few. Buy it’s trust wallets miners and blockchain pool that received the fees. So to say trust wallet doesn’t charge is technically incorrect.


Eth miners have become hungry beasts and they are taking too much of fee to transfer funds,theres nothing wrong with wallet but something to do with the miners.

It has nothing to do with the wallet. it’s the network

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So ethereum miners are rich now, they are now enjoying

Thanks for clearing my confusion

@Abriks it’s totally dependant on network

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Yes it has nothing to do with the functionality of the wallet. But one particular group owns all that blockchain network. That same network your taking about. So ya maybe they don’t charge to use the app, there still profiting from the app

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Hi I am new here I also have some problems with Ethereum do i need gas to send my ehthreum ?

It depends on the network that is the number of transaction par time on the network.

You need eth as gas fee.

My question is who are the ethereum miners behind these outrageous gas fees :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

They are computer master nodes which verify transactions before they are confirmed in the ether blockchain.

It’s relative on the general transactions happening on the ethereum blockchain within the network, I hope you understand it.

The wallet don’t collect gas fees. It all depends on the blockchain

Many people says that, in ethereum 2.0 the gas fee will be much less, is it true

They’re kinda true. Currently gas fee depends on the number of transactions and miners. When Ethereum shift to Proof of Stake (Ethereum 2.0), gas fee will no longer depends on miners instead will depends on stakes. Which means miners can’t manipulate or demand high fees. As a result transaction fees might get reduced.