Hodl rune?or just dump it?

i just bought 7000 rune at $0.7,now is $0.9,should i dump all of it?


Rune looks great as a token. I would hodl if in your shoe. Not an investment advice

Rune is really best, I waiting for retest

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Холл лутче чем заработать пару центов но это мое мнение

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I suggest you should hodl it

Rune is a good token… Hold it got at least one year and see how rapidly it grows

Holder needs to be patience when it comes for long term holding

Just secure some profit to re-invest in something else, and hold the rest

Don’t dump it. HODL it. And I would prefer make an extra research about RUNE. 7000 makes more profit after it pumps up. In my prediction, rune will pump-up by 1st week of Dec about $3-$5. Stake or HODL it for now.