Holding Bitcoin long time

Hi, guys, I’m to the crypto world, my question is just for example if I buy 1 bitcoin while it was $30,000 and hold it my a time, but unfortunately, the price of the coin decreased and it worths $2,000.
it is possible for me to lose my coin.

You will not loose your coin. You simply hodl. The price will eventually appreciate and surpass the $30,000 you purchased it.

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It’s easier to think of coins as companies, and companies as stocks. That’s the nearest analogy, however imperfect. But just for the sake of analogy:

You are investing in the technology company that is “Bitcoin” and each “share” or 1 BTC has a price that goes up and down. You can buy fractions of a share. You can trade that share for different companies.

Some “coins” are not actually companies, but some are. For example, the third biggest coin today is BNB which is the biggest coin exchange, with an office in Malta and a CEO. This is the coin they sell to people who do things like day trading or want to build apps using their network. So you can trade 1 BTC coin for a number of BNBs. Or Ethereum, coin #2, which is a super massive computer network that thousands of companies and games now run on.

There’s a lot of great beginner literature out there now, I recommend starting with Youtube Videos from Andreas M. Antonopoulos.