Hot airdrop to win

How do we know true and genuine airdrop… This days telegram is full of fake airdrop

How can we tell real ones


The ones that have been worthy seem to be related to NFTs Governance tokens, been bagging them. DYOR :pray:


The problem i have with claiming nft is just there gas fee…

NFTs are costly when minting, yes.

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I actually i have opportunity to claim one… But it state i must have gas fee in my eth wallet before i can claim it… I was now wondering if i claim nd it just worth half of my gas fee :smile:


Which one is that? If its Dego, you will have to wait till the gas come to around $5 then you try.


I have a number of Dego, some claimed from wallets and the rest bought from

I find Opensea transactions better as you know for sure about what you are buying. But there also NFT buying will have an additional gas fees. And it ranges between 3-5$ minimum at any given time. If you are buying more than one NFT (in a bundle) then the has fee increases.

Please understand gas fee usage. A simple Eth has the least fees as it carries the least data, then come token transfers which needs to interact with their governing contract. The more detailed the command processing, the more data will be required to process and thus carry high transaction costs. NFTs fall under more data usage category.

Please note that terms used above are for your easy understanding. Everyone is trying to cash on DeFi like the time of ICO boom in 2017. Remember that usually, Airdrops from good projects have detailed whitepaper, plan, team and execution. Never ever pay for any airdrop or don’t get into that trap of you send 1 Ether and get back 3 Ether as Airdrop.

In short nobody, which one is perfect as there is jo set criteria for evaluation but these things above can guide you.