How can I delete a BTC uncofimerd tx?

I made a low fee BTC transaction (erroneously), which has been pending for weeks.
RBF is enabled on the wallet, I have already read an answer from @iamdeadlyz to a similar topic, but as it is still unconfirmed can I delete it?

Hi @Peg,

Unfortunately, the app does not support RBF. If RBF is enabled for that transaction, then you can proceed in using another wallet that can process it that way.

hi @iamdeadlyz,
Thanks for the reply
Is there any guide that explains how to do this?
or is there really no way to delete the unconfirmed transaction?

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It is not possible to cancel nor speed up the transaction using the app. You can do your due diligence if you plan on using other apps.

Hi, did you transaction eventually go through? After how many days did you have to wait?