How can I get my money back now?

hello, I accidentally transferred 100usdt from another wallet through the TON network, if you look at the transaction history, the money arrived, but is not indicated on the wallet balance, what should I do and how to get the money back?

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@sleshing I’d suggest switching your internet connection first then reimport your wallet after.
That should resolve it.

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didn’t help, unfortunately. I still don’t understand where the money went, I still don’t quite understand this topic.

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I also remembered that in TON There was such an inscription at the top, perhaps because of it my money disappeared? “please do not send Jettons to your wallet as we do not support this yet”

@sleshing Right that’s correct, sorry i missed that earlier.
Trust wallet doesn’t support tokens on the TON network yet.
What you’ll need to do is import to a wallet that supports TON tokens to access your assets.

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But how can I import it into another wallet if I can’t send them because I have 0$ in my account?

@sleshing You import to a wallet that supports TON tokens then you can send from that wallet.

imported, there is no money there, it shows 0 in the transaction history as well

@sleshing Check on the explorer if your tokens are there.
Import to another wallet (not Trust wallet) that supports TON tokens.